Trust Liss Transport for container heating
HEATING 7 DAYS/ 7 & 24 HOURS/ 24

Liss Transport is an expert in the heating of tank containers with or without hazardous materials since 2012. Liss Transport takes care of the temperature maintenance or reheating of your liquids with rigour and organisation. Quality control using probes and computers, the Liss Transport team pays particular attention to each tank container on its logistics platform in Lyon.

Our system allows a heating service 7 days/ 7 & 24 hours/ 24.

Liss'Transport : Hetaing or maintaining the temperature of your liquids

Liss Transport ensures the safe heating or temperature maintenance of your product during its storage on our sites.

We offer you the drafting of the heating protocol in partnership with your needs and a precise and regular temperature report.

Liss Transport offers you 3 heating spaces ideally located at the doors of the multimodal stations of Vénissieux/St Priest/ peh port Edouard Herriot

Water heater (6 stations)

Liss Transport takes care of the heating of your liquids! Hot water heating is the most suitable system to heat or maintain your products and liquids at temperature: food products, dangerous or not, chemical products.

Liss Transport accurately monitors the temperature of your goods and adjusts it if necessary according to your recommendations.

Liss Transport is also :

Access to the gates of the multimodal stations of Vénissieux / St-Priest / PEH (Port Edouard Herriot)

Transfers between stations, ports, repair shops or other depots in the Lyon region.

Des locaux sécurisés et sous vidéosurveillance

Closed and guarded parking

Electric heating (6 stations)

Liss Transport also has 6 sockets for electric heating. Once connected, the containers remain energized to allow the required temperature to be reached and then maintained

Steam heaters (3 stations)

Liss Transport offers you steam heating of your liquids. Discover our steam heating stations at our
logistics platform in Lyon.

We offer temperature maintenance and heating of your liquids such as food liquids, dangerous or non-dangerous liquids.

Liss'Transport's commitment

Did you know that the 3 Liss Transport heating areas are in closed circuits? We care about the impact we have on our planet, which is why we recycle all condensate from water and steam heating

Our Liss Transport heating areas in Lyon are waiting for your tank containers!

Liss' transport «Lyon Nord»

Siège social

200 RN6 "Le Sémanet" 69380 LISSIEU

Liss' transport «Lyon Sud»

Plateforme logistique et stockage

7 rue Pierre Timbaud 69200 VÉNISSIEUX

Laissez-vous transporter par l'esprit d'équipe…rejoignez-nous !

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