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Discover your tank container transporter: LISS TRANSPORT provides road transport for your goods to international destinations.

Liss Transport :
for a win-win

Liss Transport, a family business in Lyon: We specialise in the road transport of your dangerous or no dangerous liquids and food. For almost 40 years, we have been assisting you with the transport and handling of your tank containers.

More than just transport, Liss Transport is a relationship of trust!

Liss'Transport : tailor-made follow-up for our customers

Your specifications are rigorously respected and optimised.

A personalised and controlled follow-up of your service.

Optimum flexibility and efficiency for your transport.

An all-inclusive tanker transport service, thanks to our various services

The rigour of Liss Transport

The rigour of Liss Transport

To maintain the quality of our services, Liss Transport is 100% permanently chartered and 0% subcontracted ! In this way we can guarantee quality communication and the success of your transport of goods.

40 ans de transport

Les 40 ans de Liss'Transport

A family business celebrating its 40th anniversary, specialising in the transport of tank containers, Liss Transport has been able to develop its core business : Transport and develop multiple services :

– specialized in the transport of tank containers in dangerous, non dangerous, food, waste and exceptional convoy of category n°1;

– heating technician with 3 different types of heaters: Hot Water, Steam and Electric Plug;

– container storage: handling and storage of empty and full, hazardous and non-hazardous containers (ICPE declaration regime), under IST (under customs control).

Liss'Transport : on the road to investment, progress and modernisation

Since Liss Transport was founded in 1983, investment, progress and modernisation have been part of our roadmap !



The story begins with the creation of the family company Liss Transport.



We are committed to facilitating your logistics, we start multimodal transport.


Container plan

Implementation of a container plan within the company.



We are integrating equipment rental into our business.


Storage pole

In our region Auvergne Rhône Alpes and more precisely in Vénissieux, we create a storage pole, this area allows us to store your containers and tanks.



We invested in a handling truck for empty containers. It allows us to better organise and manage our fleet. We are installing a WATER heating zone.



To follow the demand of our customers who trust us, we are expanding our park in Vénissieux.



We offer you ELECTRIC heating.



We have all the necessary authorisations to store your containers on an ICPE under the declaration regime and on an IST zone: we are ready to receive your containers with bonded goods on our platform in Lyon.


Steam Heating

Creation of a new heating zone on our platform in Vénissieux: STEAM heating.



We are investing in new equipment (tractors, chassis, forklifts, etc…) to optimise multimodal transport and meet our customer’s requirements.



We modernise our heating and temperature maintenance station for your container in Lyon.



Purchase of 4 electric vehicles for our employees to ensure “green” connections between our 2 sites in Auvergne Rhône Alpes (Vénissieux and Lissieu). We are continuing our efforts to reduce our CO2 impact.



Liss Transport continues to evolve : Expansion of the storage area in Vénissieux with the acquisition of over 4,000 m2 of additional storage space.

round-the-world trips

Were completed without an accident or report, a challenge taken up by our employees!

Tons of CO² emissions

Respect for the environment being one of our main values, that’s this number that our 4 electric cars have enabled to save !

Laissez-vous transporter par l'esprit d'équipe…rejoignez-nous !

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