May, the month of Team Spirit

LISS TRANSPORT is 40 years old this year

2023 is a special year and why not do some special actions!

The management of Liss Transport is training its team over the next 12 months in 12 different themes that correspond to the values of Liss Transport


May is based on : Team Spirit


Liss Transport took part in a special partners’ tournament organised by the ASCMO club!

ASCMO is the basketball club in the village of Lissieu, and Liss has been a partner for many years. To thank their partners, the club members decided to organise a tournament.


Liss Transport finished 6th out of 9 teams and we had a great time!

We’d like to thank everyone who wore the Liss colours for taking part in the matches! And all those who came to cheer us on!

Laissez-vous transporter par l'esprit d'équipe…rejoignez-nous !

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