April, the month of Autism

LISS TRANSPORT is 40 years old this year

2023 is a special year and why not do some special actions!

The management of Liss Transport is training its team over the next 12 months in 12 different themes that correspond to the values of Liss Transport

April is based on : Autism

Since 2014, Liss Transport has been a partner of Au fils d’Alexis, an association created by Estelle and Michael Remuet for their severe, non-verbal autistic child to help him with specialised education at home.

But what is autism? Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. People are born and die with autism.

The disorder is characterised by disturbed social interaction, impaired verbal and nonverbal communication and stereotyped activities with restricted interests.

The profiles of the people concerned are very diverse: we speak of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) because autism is wide-ranging and varies from one person to another, which leads to different needs for help.

2 April is World Autism Day, which was established by the United Nations in 2007. It aims to support people with autism and to raise awareness among the general public.

France is lagging far behind… Faced with a shortage of resources, suitable places and trained professionals, families are waging a real battle. It is estimated that one person in 100 is autistic in France.

The action in April was that Liss Transport invited Alexis and Michel to come and spend some time at our depot and finally get to ride in a vehicle

Michel is a huge truck fan and his dream was to be able to get on a tractor one day and go for a ride

Liss Transport was able to realise its dream. A part of the Liss team was present.

The moment was full of emotion and joy.


Laissez-vous transporter par l'esprit d'équipe…rejoignez-nous !

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