March, the month of Solidarity

LISS TRANSPORT is 40 years old this year

2023 is a special year and why not do some special actions!

The management of Liss Transport is training its team over the next 12 months in 12 different themes that correspond to the values of Liss Transport

The month of March is based on : Solidarity

To this end, Liss Transport decided to sponsor one of their employees and her friends who embarked on a trek in aid of the RENETRE association.

She tells us how this desire was born.

“This beautiful adventure began when four friends took on the crazy challenge of participating in a solidarity trek in the desert !

Very quickly, we wanted to go beyond the sporting challenge and we wanted to support other causes that were close to our hearts. We are therefore naturally creating the LETRA’CŒUR association in December 2021.

We decided to participate in the trek elles marchent for Armelle VUONO and her association RENETRE after cancer because this disease also affects young people.

This young association from Sain Beloise offers various artistic activities and culinary workshops so that teenagers and young adults can take time to chat while taking a break and enjoying life.

These meetings are beneficial because they allow them to regain the self-confidence they have lost, without forgetting the reconciliation with their body.

For this sporting challenge, Delphine, Laetitia, Laure and Nathalie are taking part in the 100% female orienteering trek in the Moroccan desert from 4 to 8 March 2023.

It is an orienteering race in 4 stages, of about 30 kms each in the Sahara. 3 markers scattered in the desert are to be discovered on each stage without GPS with only a map and a compass.

Each team has to answer a cultural question, a MCQ or a specific challenge, each correct answer will allow the team to score points.

The teams that have sailed closest to the ideal course and have sailed the least number of kilometres will also score extra points.

The winning team will be the one with the most points.

On the last day of the trek, each team will carry out a local solidarity action (the missions will be decided on the spot according to priorities and needs in consultation with the local leaders).

This day took place in Trafraout sidi Ali

Several workshops were offered :

  • repainting of the walls of the primary schools and frescoes in 2 classrooms
  • installation of a perimeter fence for the village waste disposal centre
  • the installation of a football cage in the school yard
  • making earthen walls to enclose a plot of land for animals such as goats, sheep …..

A more than positive result for the 4 of us (Delphine, Laetitia, Laure and Nathalie)

After a total disconnection in the desert for several days, we each returned to our daily lives…. But we will keep in mind for a long time this incredible experience made of challenges, discoveries and unforgettable meetings.

We immediately felt a spirit of mutual aid and benevolence throughout this trek, both with the trek team “Elles marchent” and with all the women involved in this adventure.

We did a lot of kilometres under the burning sun of the desert while admiring the sumptuous landscapes, in order to support a cause that was close to our hearts; the association RENETRE after cancer and more particularly Armelle in her fight against the disease.

We are particularly proud of our 72 team.

We were able to finish this great human adventure in 18th place out of 36 teams entered.

We would like to thank all our partners, and in particular LISS TRANSPORT, who were able to make this project a reality

We dedicate this challenge to Armelle”.

Laissez-vous transporter par l'esprit d'équipe…rejoignez-nous !

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