Our values

Extra Services for constantly improving your transport

Liss'Transport, a strategy for the future with one primary objective: to constantly improve and develop our range of Extra Services.
  • In 1990, Investments and creation of a dedicated Tank- Container team.
  • In 2008, start of ADR equipment rental (Tractors, skeletal trailers, tanks)
  • In 2011, Opening of the Vénissieux platform for developing multimodal transport.
  • In 2012, Creation of a container heating unit.
  • In 2015, Expansion of the Vénissieux site.
  • In 2016, Creation of an enclosure for storage on the ground and on skeletal trailers with handling of empty or full containers and weighing of containers.

In progress:
The number of heating stations is being increased ISO and SQAS certification underway

And always: providing you with the innovative solutions for your future needs!

Liss'Transport, policies are based on Quality and the Environment
  • A vehicle fleet which is constantly renewed, as part of a never ending quest to provide better care for the environment
  • Eco-driving training for our drivers
  • 3 year CO2 commitment target with ADEME.
  • Approval pending from ADEME (French Environmental Agency) for the charter of voluntary commitments on the reduction of road haulage CO2 emissions,
  • Strongly committed to SQAS and ISO certification.

In addition, Liss’Transport is committed to local life:

Funding of a tree growing project with the Town Hall of Lissieu (home to the head office)

Liss'Transport, a team driven by human values

The stated aim of the management has, since the beginning, been to promote and support a “WIN-WIN” philosophy within the team

  • Within the company itself
  • With all the external contributors
  • With regard to the environment

Based on this fundamental principle, LISS’TRANSPORT is committed to the constant pursuit of quality and safety, and openness and development, as well as being attentive and respectful to all those it deals with.

In addition, Liss’Transport is committed to human values:

For promoting harmony and the talents of its employees and their families:
sponsorship of the Ekiden Lyon 2016

To keep the human being at the center of our lives:
Sponsorship of the ‘au fil d’Alexis association’


To recognise the loyalty (of its staff):
Evening event celebrating 20 and 30 years’ service of the drivers at Liss’Transport

2 sites :
Logistics Platform

Head office

+33 (0)4 78 47 34 14